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     "The Union Street Brick Church is a landmark church located in the heart of the downtown historic district at 126 Union St. in Bangor, Maine. Completed in 1853, the building is described by Bangor architectural historian Deborah Thompson as the "best composed and most pleasing church design in Bangor." Spiritually, it is home to an independent Congregational society whose dedication is to Christian worship, and to a strong encouragement of the arts -- theater, music, dance, painting, and the like. Who we are... A Church for the Arts and Artists of Bangor

In the beginning, Elohim created...
     These words open Genesis, the first book of the Torah/Bible of Jews and Christians alike. And in keeping with that spirit, the Union St. Brick Church has itself chosen to follow an ancient tradition -- to foster creativity in the arts as a means of praising the Creator. Moreover, we aim to help one another reach our creative best in this world. We work within the downtown Bangor community to encourage the creative talents of all who are drawn to us, and thereby unleash their capacity to do the same for others. In this way we hope to provide an ongoing legacy for our church and city alike.
This project began in a small way in 1999 with the establishment of Open Mic Night, a weekly invitation to musicians, writers, poets and actors to stand up and share their work with others in a free-form setting that often winds up with artists jamming together by the end of the evening. In 2000 we added concert, dance, and art exhibits, jointly sponsored performances with the Bangor Theological Seminary, and joined with various theater groups to provide a setting for Maine people to learn theater skills and perform for the benefit of themselves and the entertainment of the community.

    Our historic church facility also lends itself to lectures, recitals, meetings, wedding celebrations, and the like. We hope residents and visitors to the downtown Bangor community will support and enjoy what we have to offer -- including Sunday worship at 11:30 AM. We think our explorations of faith, as seen through the perspectives of history, science, and scriptural studies, bring some wisdom, imagination and creativity to our Sunday services, as well." ..
-Pastor Lee Witting..


    The Union Street Brick Church (USBC) is open to all and as such we invite all of you to become "friends". In this way we can provide you information on the history, events,    and happenings here at the church or any inquiries you may have. We value your friendship, but as a disclaimer, the UCBC is ONLY responsible for the content posted by the USBC. All other content and/or postings by outside parties is the sole responsibility of such. We reserve the right to deny and/or remove from our "friends" anyone whose content is deemed "offensive". Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Welcome to our space...